*HOT* AT&T Unbarring Cleaning [ LOST STOLEN -> CLEAN ] - Beta Testing

Server is beta testing. we do not have much information at the moment.
What is included

 -  This Service will CLEAN the device from Blacklisted, Lost, Stolen, Blocked status to Clean:

- note - This is patience server. IT may take up to 15 working days. Once submit, we cannot cancel your order

What is NOT Included
 -  This service is NOT unlocking service:
 -  This service is NOT icloud unlocking service:
 -  This service is NOT FRP unlocking service:
 -  If the device has UNPAID BILLS, After cleaning it will still have unpaid bills:
 -  After cleaning the device CANNOT be unlocked with clean unlock from AT&T website: You still need to use 3th party services to try to unlock it: And it is still NOT guaranteed that you can get it unlocked:
 - If the device is Blocked because of Bills, DO NOT put AT&T SIM card inside the device after cleaning, otherwise it will get blocked again: And there will be no refund for that: