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Server Time - INSTANT - 6 Hrs.

Supported  - Working 100% LOST - STOLEN IMEI
-Reported stolen by insurance - be sure device is reported by T-MOBILE USA.
-Reported stolen by a T-Mobile customer
-Reported unrecoverable by insurance
-Reported stolen or not delivered by a T-Mobile customer

-Service warranty is 5 Days. / We do not remove outstanding balance.

If Unsure your status - Use T-Mobile USA - Check IMEI { Clean Blocked Fraud Status Check } For $0.15c

 This service will NOT clean or clear the money you owe in your T-Mobile Account. This service will NOT unlock your device either.

Do not Submit NON T-MOBILE PHONE - It will not work. you maybe billed FULL Price if you do. AT&T Will NOT Work. We have tried already.

Please Note: This only works for lost or stolen blacklisting status.
This currently does not support unpaid balances and/or EIP/financing status.

We do Not Support

Do not submit Outstanding Balance. you will be billed and we cannot Refund due to AUTO API Server

WARNING! Our records show that this device has been reported stolen. Unless the status changes, this device will not work on our network or on most other networks around the world.