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Server is OVER LOADED & DELAY AS OF April 16th - This server is DELAY... we do not have much information at the moment.
Your order May or May not come back. IF NOT FOUND. WE will issue refund back to your unlock account
What is included

 -  This Service will CLEAN the device from Blacklisted, Lost, Stolen, Blocked status to Clean:

- note - This is patience server. IT may take up to 15 working days. Once submit, we cannot cancel your order

What is NOT Included
 -  This service is NOT unlocking service:
 -  This service is NOT icloud unlocking service:
 -  This service is NOT FRP unlocking service:
 -  If the device has UNPAID BILLS, After cleaning it will still have unpaid bills:
 -  After cleaning the device CANNOT be unlocked with clean unlock from AT&T website: You still need to use 3th party services to try to unlock it: And it is still NOT guaranteed that you can get it unlocked:
 - If the device is Blocked because of Bills, DO NOT put AT&T SIM card inside the device after cleaning, otherwise it will get blocked again: And there will be no refund for that:

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