LG Worldwide Factory Code Rapido [ SERVER #2 ALL Models + NCK+NSCK +SPCK+CPCK+SIMCK ]

AT&T M150 Order and Cricket M153 ( not supported )

LG Unlock Code Format: ( Be sure your phone prompts you for an unlock code before you order )

If you receive your codes in this format:

NCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NSCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CPCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIMCK=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sample Results

nck=1733518745476288 nsck=1914194537317904 spck=4364678330691445 cpck=2082919056786896 simck=9525706095566983

You will only need to use 1 of the 5 codes generated. The code you must use will be determined by the unlock code prompt your device is displaying. The most commonly required code is the NCK, NSCK, and SPCK codes.




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