FREE Alcatel Master Code

Alcatel Master Reset Free Unlock Service
This is a master reset service. A master unlock code is a code that completely resets your phone, removing any securitly locks(not network locks). This service works only for Alcatel mobile phones. A list of unlocking supported mobile phones are provided below. Please select your phone model to continue.
Supported Alcatel Phone Models
Choose the Alcatel mobile phone from the list given below :
Alcatel 301    Alcatel 302    Alcatel 303    Alcatel 310
Alcatel 311    Alcatel 332    Alcatel 501    Alcatel 511
Alcatel 512    Alcatel 525    Alcatel E105    Alcatel E220
Alcatel E225    Alcatel E227    Alcatel E230    Alcatel E256
Alcatel E259    Alcatel E265    Alcatel E801    Alcatel E805
Alcatel MAX DB    Alcatel OT Gum db    Alcatel OT-301    Alcatel OT-302
Alcatel OT-303    Alcatel OT-303A    Alcatel OT-310    Alcatel OT-311
Alcatel OT-331    Alcatel OT-332    Alcatel OT-501    Alcatel OT-502
Alcatel OT-511    Alcatel OT-512    Alcatel OT-525    Alcatel OT-526
Alcatel OT-701    Alcatel OT-C552    Alcatel OT-C825    Alcatel OT-CLUB
Alcatel OT-CLUB DB    Alcatel OT-E100    Alcatel OT-E101    Alcatel OT-E105
Alcatel OT-E157    Alcatel OT-E158    Alcatel OT-E159    Alcatel OT-E160
Alcatel OT-E161    Alcatel OT-E201    Alcatel OT-E205    Alcatel OT-E207
Alcatel OT-E220    Alcatel OT-E221    Alcatel OT-E225    Alcatel OT-E227
Alcatel OT-E230    Alcatel OT-E252    Alcatel OT-E256    Alcatel OT-E257
Alcatel OT-E259    Alcatel OT-E260    Alcatel OT-E260A    Alcatel OT-E265
Alcatel OT-E270    Alcatel OT-E797    Alcatel OT-E801    Alcatel OT-E805
Alcatel OT-EASY    Alcatel OT-EASY DB    Alcatel OT-GUM DB    Alcatel OT-MAX
Alcatel OT-MAX DB    Alcatel OT-VIEW    Alcatel OT-VIEW DB


Supported Phones:

OT-301 | OT-302 | OT-331 | OT-332 | OT-501 | OT-502 | OT-511 | OT-512 | OT-525 | OT-526 | OT-701 | OT-C552 | OT-Club | OT-Club db | OT-E100 | OT-E101 | OT-E105 | OT-E157 | OT-E158 | OT-E159 | OT-E160 | OT-E161 | OT-E201 | OT-E205 | OT-E207 | OT-E220 | OT-E221 | OT-E225 | OT-E227 | OT-E230 | OT-E252 | OT-E256 | OT-E257 | OT-E259 | OT-E260 | OT-E265 | OT-E270 | OT-E797 | OT-E801 | OT-E805 | OT-Easy | OT-Easy db | OT-Gum db | OT-Max | OT-Max db | OT-View | OT-View db |