Free ZTE Calculator ( Most Models )

Supported phone models for unlock: Many ZTE models and ZTE manufactured other brands that require 12 digit unlock codes supported by this calculator. The following list is a sample and it’s not final and complete. If you have question please use forums, support or write to us. No support or help provided through comment system, because of the nature comment system works and it’s denies long conversations.

SFR-114, SFR-231, SFR-232, SFR-341, SFR-342, SFR-343, SFR-251, SFR-251 Messenger Edition, N261, N281, Orange Vegas, Orange Lisbon, Orange Rio, Orange Miami, Orange Rome ZTE Sage, TMN5000, Vodafone Indie, X670, X760, X761, X960, X991, G-N 281, GX760, GX761, GR230, GR231, A261+, X990, T-Mobile Vairy Touch, T Mobile Vairy Touch II, Vodafone 547, ZTE Zest, Zong R221, Zong R231 and more…

Update: T-Mobile Zest II supported

If you found any supported model not included in this list, please tell us via comment, we’ll update it promptly

About how to enter unlock code to some ZTE phones. We don’t have exact answer for this question because there are lot of models in market and we’re not able to test all. But these are the common methods to enter unlock code to generic ZTE or ZTE based phones.

Methods 1:
Insert an unacceptable SIM card , Enter you unlock code
Methods 2:
Try ###825*09#
Methods 3:
Try *983*8284#
Methods 4:
Try *983*865625#


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